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My name is Jo Ann Obrochta

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist looking forward to joining you on your healing journey.  From massage to cupping, I am confident we can achieve your goals.  To learn more about me, click the button below. 

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Mind, Body and Soul

Back Massage
A woman getting spa treatment

Therapeutic Massage

Combination of deep tissue, trigger point therapy, stretching and more!

Deep Tissue Massage

Treat your musculoskeletal issues, targeting inner layers of you muscles and connective tissues.

Relaxation Massage

Benefit from a Swedish massage with long, kneading targeting uppermost layer of muscles to promote tension relief an relaxation.

Pressure Points

Cupping Therapy

Using negative pressure, cupping will help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, the lymphatic system and so much more.

Facial Cupping

Brighten skin, minimize the appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, tone face and décolletage.

Trigger Point Therapy

Focus on relieving areas of pain by targeting trigger points around the body.

Book an Appointment

We look forward to helping you.  Please book an appointment and let the healing begin!

“The greatest wealth is health”

Pressure Point Massage



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